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Customizing KIM

A step by step guide for integrating a new ontology in KIM, incorporating it in the default text analysis pipeline, and extracting new types of entities and facts.

Table of Contents
1. Some background and description of the task
2. Prerequisites
3. Procedure.
3.1 Importing DBpedia in the KIM semantic repository (OWLIM) and making its other data sources aware of this new ontology
3.1.1 Importing DBpedia in OWLIM
3.1.2 Mapping DBpedia to PROTON
3.1.3 Marking the origin of the DBpedia instances
3.1.4 Managing Labels
3.2 Incorporating DBpedia in the default KIM IE pipeline
3.2.1 Loading the gazetteer lists
3.2.2 Setting up the gazetteer processing resource
3.2.3 Adding the gazetteer to the IE pipeline and seeing it in action
3.3 Creating annotations – (Grammar Rules)
3.4 The web interface
3.5 Changing the visibility of resources

KIM can be customized in multiple ways to suit different semantic annotation and search needs. One way to do this is to change the text analysis pipeline to find new types of entities and facts, and use the conceptual models and instance bases relevant to a certain domain.
This guide describes the methods of adopting a third-party ontology (DBpedia) in KIM, incorporating it in the default IE pipeline, and making the pipeline aware of the knowledge base for this new mapped ontology.

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