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Query related extensions

Query related extensions Description Runs basic queries, which are cached (not by the extension). Thus, cache for the Facets screen is generated. Runs when KIM starts. Converts measurement units, in order to make them comparable to the basic measurement unit, i.e. minutes, hours, seconds -> milliseconds. Same as the previous one, but uses a file containing the units. JMX-exposed interface for index that supports permanent limits of the returned documents. At the time of writing the only implementation is in RDSIndex.

Utility extensions

Utility extensions Description Exposes ConsoleTasks through JMX. ConsoleTasks is a collection of management utilities. The ambiguous name "console" comes from the fact that the utilities are unrelated, but useful. Executes queries placed in <KIM HOME>/config/construct.queries.txt on initialization. The method constructAndImport is exposed through JMX and can be invoked given other queries later, on a running KIM instance.

All the rest

All the rest Description If present, it is used for generating the "Latest Documents Feed" <KIM HOME>/rss.xml. Otherwise, the feed is filled with results from a document query. JMX-exposed interface for administering the RdfCore instances. Contains getters for application and system properties plus getter for kim.home.dir Generates and maintains statistics for all documents added to the KIM Server Enables uploading documents in KIM Server using the KIM WEB User Interface. Configures a ZipCollectionAdapter service with the transformations, necessary for GATE Teamware 1.2 compatibility. This extension integrates with JMX.
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