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Produced by analysis of the Dashboard Spec (RS3.6)

Dashboard Data Model

There is no single data model, but 3 different models and queries to obtain information for the different sections of the dashboard.


This section shows Data Annotations and Image Annotations created in a given recent period of time. The corresponding data models are:

The needed fields are:

UI Field Property (path) Notes
Type a ?t {?t=rso:DataAnnotation or ?t=rso:ImageAnnotation}1 Maybe it's better to show icon instead of text?
Item   What was annotated. Typically this is in the Title, so no need to duplicate
Title oac:hasBody/rso:P3_has_title Annotation title
Link the annotation itself link to annotation. What exactly do the tools need to start
User oac:hasBody/dc:creator Who created the annotation
Date oac:hasBody/dc:created Shown in section's title, used for filtering
Ref Notes
1 Assumes that the Annotation API is enriched to record the domain-specific subtype of oac:Annotation (as in Data Basket Model#Item Types)

Otherwise we'd need to guess the type by exploring two alternative paths:

  • oac:hasTarget/a rdf:Statement or oac:hasTarget/a rso:FC70_Thing -> rso:DataAnnotation
  • oac:hasTarget/oac:constrains/a crm:E38_Image -> rso:ImageAnnotation

The needed query assuming parameter $DATE is:

select ?ann ?type ?title ?user ?date {
  ?ann a ?type; oac:hasBody ?body.
  ?body rso:P3_has_title ?title; dc:creator ?user; dc:created ?date.
  filter ((?type=rso:DataAnnotation or ?t=rso:ImageAnnotation)
           and (?date > $DATE))

Latest forum posts

This section shows a list of 10 latest jForum posts (latest on top).
The data is obtained with SQL from MySQL. See Forum Spec (RS3.6)#jForum Data Model for the jForum tables:

The result fields are as follows. "Type" comes from the Visio data model, not certain it's the same in MySQL

Field Type Description
Date DATETIME Date and time of the post
Title TEXT(100) Subject of the post
Description LONGTEXT Body of the post. Shows first 100 characters, if longer then a link "more" is shown. How to interpret the BB markup that can be here?
Forum TEXT(150) Name of forum the post was posted in
User TEXT(50) Author of the post. Unfortunately I can't find a "real name" field
Status SHORT Post status. Not sure how to interpret this integer, maybe in table jforum_config. Need to see a populated jForum instance

Project Announcements

These are simple messages in plain text. All the fields that we need are:

<> a rso:Announcement;
  dcterms:creator "username2";
  dcterms:created "2012-10-08T12:34:56"^^xsd:dateTime;
  rso:P3_has_title "Important project announcement".

Note: I considered storing them like a Bookmark of type "Text Snippet" (rdfs:Literal) (see Data Basket Model#Item Types).

Dashboard API

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