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Problem & Approaches

  • The query is slow for 3-letter queries, because we use prefix search and there are many matches
  • Kostadinov to increase the UI typing timeout, so if the user starts typing "London", NO query for "Lon" will be made
  • Mitac proposes a cache, Vlado is against such complications
  • Vlado to ask Dominic whether it's necessary to use prefix queries: should "Rem" find "Rembrandt", or is it sufficient for "Rembrand" and "Rembrant" and similar mis-spellings to find it
  • Mitac to time the Lucene query alone, without the additional thesaurus restrictions

  • The autcomplete at is very fast and usable. It doesn't use prefix queries (eg "asp" doesn't find "aspirin") but finds misspellings (eg "aspiri" finds "aspirin"). Vlado asked Kosyo:
    • it uses editing (Levensthein) distance, which is a Lucene query option. It allows up to 3 misspelt chars:
    • it ranks matches using TF-IDF ranking
    • it uses the Forest autocomplete module


Data as of Sep 03, 2012. Timing is in ms

Query #Results Owlim4 Local Owlim4 Remote Owlim5 Local Owlim5 Remote
oil p 27 906 1752 1113 425
rem 130 2143 10753 2721 1508
fieren 1 7 138 25 30
Vries 18 22 188 60 41
Poorter 3 10 91 17 29
Metropolitan 29 97 319 174 122
Lon 1151 2666 20075 4740 5146
London 448 1937 20606 2832 4426
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