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The EntityAPI provides a simple abstraction on top of the SemanticRepositoryAPI. It allows loading of the whole available semantic information for a given entity with a single call. The typical use case for this is to implement a user interface, similar to what is available from the "Knowledge Explorer" in the KIM Web UI. All methods available from the Java API are implemented as web service methods:

Web service method Description
getEntityDescription allows access to the structured content of a single entity. It accepts the entity URI as a String input and returns EntityDescription as result.
addEntityDescription allows adding a new entity in the semantic repository. It accepts an object of class EntityDescription as input and returns no result.
serializeEntities allows the transformation (serialization) of a list of entity descriptions into a string. It accepts a list of objects of class EntityDescription as input and returns a single string as result.
deserializeEntities allows the transformation of a string with serialized entities into a list of structured entity descriptions. As an input it accepts a single string and an optional parameter for namespace (if URIs do not have such defined) and returns a list of objects of class EntityDescription as result.


Get and print the description of the entity of class

The code from the examples uses AXIS 1.4 for the web services communication.

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