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Based on [Data Basket Spec] from Dominic and Maria

HTML mockups:


  • ver1: 20.07.2012: Hollie
  • ver2: 07.08.2012: Hollie
  • ver3: 17.08.2010: Vlado: put tooltips, some red notations, edited the descriptive text


Databasket in Tab

Basket in a permanent tab allows maximum space

  • Highlight the row under the mouse in yellow (rollover).
    Click on the row does View Bookmark
  • Each item type has an icon, and the type name is shown in tooltip.
    Some match the tools, others are new (Text Snippet, Web Link)
  • Image Preview is only displayed for types of data where it is possible to do this
  • The URL is shortened; the full URL is shown in tooltip.
    URL is clickable to show the item in original location (tool)
  • Filter is similar to Annotation filtering (available in Tab and in Popup)
  • Sort is a dropdown and sorts immediately (available in Tab and in Popup)
  • Action menu on each item: View (same as clicking the row), Edit, Delete
  • (Not for now) Tags panel can be sorted by popularity (shown) or A---Z

Data Basket as Popup

For use when inserting item into RTF editor (eg in a comment)

  • An additional display method needed for the system
  • Clicking on an item inserts it in the RTF
  • No actions (cannot edi
  • All the rest is the same as Databasket in Tab

Filter Dialog

This shows the filtering controls. It's made with SALT, a text-to-UI macro that has its limitations, so the look is not faithful.
The look should be similar to image annotation Filter, eg the two buttons should be on the right.

View Bookmark

Shows bookmark details

  • We only have a single pop up (for detail and edit) rather than a double pop up for edit

Edit Bookmark

Add Text Snippet

Very similar to Edit

Add Web Link

Advanced interactivity when URL is added:

  • fetch page, get <title> tag and Web Preview (if we find such a server)


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