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for a first attempt and pieces of advice. Once we apply it successfully, we should move the info here.


- SHARK- A Test-driven Framework for Design and Evolution of Ontologies (ESWC 2018)
- source:
- Uses Travis CI and RDFunit
- Web-based interface where users can
-- choose between 20 different pre-defined guidelines
-- run their own custom SHACL tests.
- REST service:

h2. Further Links

Sebastian Hellmann [] on OA mlist:
I convert/validate with
- Pellint

SHARK paper:
- methodologies: Gruninger and Fox, Methontology, On-To-Knowledge, DILIGENT and Neon
- eval frameworks: OntoClean, OntoQA, Unit Tests, OQuaRE, Neon Guidelines
- eval tools: ODEClean, ODEval, AEON, Eyeball, Moki, OQuare, OntoCheck, XD-Analyzer, OOPS

h1. Converting to Turtle
Comparison of several tools for converting RDF to Turtle.