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{excerpt}*Bulgariana* is an aggregator that contributes Bulgarian cultural heritage content to [Europeana|http://www.europeana.eu]{excerpt}

{excerpt}*Bulgariana* is an Europeana aggregator that contributes Bulgarian cultural heritage{excerpt}

Bulgariana initiative is supported by Ontotext !Ontotext-logo.JPG!
and partially sponsored by !ITCC-logo.JPG! Korean-Bulgarian IT Cooperation Center.

h1. Mission Statement
[http://bulgariana.eu] will be a Bulgarian aggregator to [Europeana|http://www.europeana.eu] that will include
- Public website

[http://bulgariana.eu] is a Bulgarian aggregator to [Europeana|http://www.europeana.eu] that includes:
- A public website for sharing information
- A wiki ([Confluence|http://www.atlassian.com/Confluence]) for discussion, technical materials, coordination and collaboration
- Digital A digital repository ([DSpace|http://www.dspace.org]) for storing and presenting digitized cultural heritage
- Conversion/ingestion tools for converting objects to the required Europeana formats (ESE and in the future EDM)
- OAI/PMH An [OAI-PMH|http://www.openarchives.org/pmh] endpoint for serving content to Europeana
- Semantic search using [OWLIM|http://www.ontotext.com/owlim] (in the future)

The mission of the Bulgariana initiative includes the following goals:
- improve communication between Bulgarian organizations working in the cultural heritage domain
-- Please join the Google group [Cultural Heritage Digitalisation|https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/cultural-heritage-digitalisation]
- improve technical and organizational collaboration
- share information about funding possibilities and calls
- work together on proposals and projects
- concentrate and focus the efforts of the Bulgarian cultural heritage community
- provide a default platform for IT research related to cultural heritage, and an opportunity for small museums and other institutions to host their collections

h1. Collections of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage
- Collection of Bulgarian Folklore
- Iconography
- Medieval church-slavonic texts
h2. Why English?

h1. Collections of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage to be published in Europeana via Bulgariana
If this is about Bulgarian heritage, why these pages are in English?
The reason is that in this way we hope to attract external partners more easily

- British Museum collection of Bulgarian Cultural Heritage
- British Museum collection of Korean Cultural Heritage
h1. Collaboration

For inquiries and expression of interest, please email to info@bulgariana.eu or to mdamova@bulgariana.eu
We are always open for collaboration with other partners. There are many ways in which you can contribute:
- get an account on our wiki to contribute pages and news items (blogs)
- organize meetings and seminars
- run student internships or master thesis works using our platform
- put more collections at the Bulgariana repository
- publish in Europeana via Bulgariana
- share ideas for proposals and projects

h1. Related Materials
Please email [mailto:info@bulgariana.eu] if you would like to discuss a potential collaboration.

- [The Future of the Past - Horizon 2020|http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/telearn-digicult/digicult-future-digital-preservation_en.html]
- [FP7 - ICT Call 9 - Digicult|http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/telearn-digicult/digicult-calls_en.html]
- [FP7 - CIP PSP Call 6 | http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/ict_psp/docs/draft_ict_psp_2012_approved_by_committee.pdf]
- [The New Renaissance |^Новият Ренесанс (executive summary).pdf]
- [Cost of Digitizing Europe's Cultural Heritage |^Cost of Digitising Europe's Cultural Heritage.pdf]
h1. Would you like to publish in Europeana?

In addition to Bulgariana there are several aggregators that ingest Bulgarian content and publish to Europeana.
They are maintained at the Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Varna Regional Library, National Archeological Museum.

If you would like to publish your data via Bulgariana, please contact us at [mailto:info@bulgariana.eu].
We provide support for metadata conversion, data ingestion, administration, communication with Europeana.

h1. Initial Contributors
The initial contributors to Bulgariana are:

|| Initial funding | [Korean-Bulgarian IT Cooperation Center|http://www.wiztechno.com/wiki/display/ITCC] | !ITCC-logo.JPG! |
|| Initiative, semantic tech, contact point to Europeana | [Ontotext|http://www.ontotext.com] | !Ontotext-logo.JPG! |
|| Repository implementation | [Sirma Media|http://www.sirmamedia.com] | !sirmamedia.gif! |
|| [Sacred places collection|http://bulgarianheritage.bulgariana.eu/jspui/handle/pub/622], community building | [Mozaika|http://www.marianadamova.com/] | !Mozaika.jpg|height=100! |

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