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| *ftsIndexPolicy* | X | X | _default_ *never*, possible values are *onCommit*, *onStartup*, *onShutdown*, *never*; turns on and off the default mechanism for full text search used via the built-in predicates described in section 10.1; if _FTS_ is turned on then, depending on the value, it determines when the indexing will take place: *onCommit* \- at the end of each transaction, *onStartup* -- at initialisation, *onShutdown* \- on repository shutdown. |
| *ftsLiteralsOnly* | X | X | _default_ *false*, if the Node search (full-text search) mechanism is enabled, this parameter specifies whether only literals will be indexed (value of *true*, enough in 90% of the cases) or everything (value of *false*). |
| *hash-table-size* (NOT USED) | X | X | _default_ *10000000*, in former times this used to limit the size of the hash table for entities, but now the hash table can grow without limitations. |
| *imports* | X | | _Default_ *none*, a list of schema files that will be imported at start up. All the statements, found in these files, will be loaded into the repository and will be treated as read-only. The serialization format is assumed to be RDF/XML, unless the file has a *.NT* extension. Example: \\