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| owl-max | RDFS and that part of OWL-Lite that can be captured in rules (deriving functional and inverse functional properties, all-different, subclass by union/enumeration; min/max cardinality constraints, etc) |
| owl2-ql | The OWL2 QL profile -- a fragment of OWL2 Full designed so that sound and complete query answering is LOGSPACE with respect to the size of the data. This OWL2 profile is based on DL-Lite{~}R~, a variant of DL-Lite that does not require the unique name assumption. |
| owl2-rl-reduced | The OWL2 RL profile -- an expressive fragment of OWL2 Full that is amenable for implementation on rule-engines, but without the {{prp-key}} rule for efficiency reasons. |
| owl2-rl-conf | The conformant, but less efficient, OWL2 RL profile that includes the {{prp-key}} rule. |