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OWLIM has now has a plug-in API that allows users to build software components that alter the behaviour of OWLIM. This mechanism can be used to add new features or to improve performance in certain scenarios.

There are also many minor fixes and performance improvements.
OWLIM also includes the following maintenance updates and fixes:

* OWLIM-205 - Validate literal languages and do not allow invalid language tags to enter the repository
* OWLIM-273 - Potential thread leak in QueryModelConverter
* OWLIM-390 - Counting statements using Sesame API gives strange results.
* OWLIM-419 - Make RepositoryConnection.exportStatements obey the time limit
* OWLIM-426 - Unable to permanently remove predefined namespace definitions
* OWLIM-428 - Explicit axioms don't show up as explicit if they have been inferred before by other axioms
* OWLIM-463 - Clear transaction log in replication cluster if it cannot be initialized
* OWLIM-466 - SesameConnectionImpl.getStatements must return quads, not trips (breaks workbench explore)
* OWLIM-470 - Query with Union and optional returns wrong results
* OWLIM-471 - Can not access new repository when FTS switched on (divide by zero or lockfile locked)
* OWLIM-473 - onto:explicit pseudo-graph does not prevent implicit statements as input for query answering
* OWLIM-475 - Repackaged console.sh in openrdf-console.zip has lost its execute attribute
* OWLIM-476 - Neither of the slf4j jars (api or jdk14) are needed in the war files
* OWLIM-483 - Lost solutions to queries with FROM <...> clause
* OWLIM-485 - Repository with many transactions fails to get restored
* OWLIM-488 - Incorrect behaviour of FROM and FROM NAMED in SPARQL queries
* OWLIM-489 - Predicate list indices do not log statistics
* OWLIM-490 - User-supplied Dataset object on query not properly handled
* OWLIM-491 - Query rewriting in MainQuery.convertToOptimizedForm() converts OR to AND in filters when converting the condition to disjunctive normal form
* OWLIM-495 - Blank node contexts ignored by getStatements()
* OWLIM-501 - Lucene and OPTIONAL query bug
* OWLIM-502 - The database restorer deletes the pso and pos files after second unsuccessful restore
* OWLIM-457 - Validate data-type values at load time
* OWLIM-497 - Update getting-started and add timestamps
* OWLIM-356 - Optimized rule set is not compatible with the rule compiler.
* OWLIM-480 - Make use of the com.ontotext.trree.collections for the predicate map in order to reuse the file header and the common interface

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