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Vlado: see [Search Tools]:
- Exhibit: allows several important views: faceted (result filtering), timeline, geographical, tabular
- eCulture/Europeana: several interesting metaphors

h1. British Museum
Wireframe of new collections search
h1. Current BM View
[British Museum collection|]

h1. New BM Search
Wireframe (mockup)

h1. Finnish Museum
[Finnish Museum|]: bBrowse using facets
!finnish museum.png!

[Translated by Google|]
!finnish museum.png|width=900!

h1. Freebase
[Freebase|]: semantic search, dropdown options clarify search term, snippet description pull out is excellent
!VandA musuem2.png!

h1. National Maritime Museum
[National Maritime Museum|]: faceted search, lots of options to refine search, display methods
[Rijksmuseum|] search with sectional dropdown, combined full site search, faceted search
!RDK museum.png!

h1. Semantic Museum
[SemanticMuseum|] is a prototype by Prescient Software (founded Jan 2010).
PHP and JS. Nice demo site with faceted search and semantic links, nice movie.

h1. Polish National Digital Museum
[Polish National Digital Museum|] aggregates collections from 70 contributing institutions and has 681 thousand objects. Uses RDF, CIDOC CRM, and Europeana-relevant vocabularies. [Uses OWLIM|] as RDF repository