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h1. Articles by Martin Doerr
Related to this subject
- [Semantic Problems of Thesaurus Mapping|], Journal of Digital Information, 2001
- [Effective Terminology Support for Distributed Digital Collections|], DELOS Workshop, 1998

h1. Spec Discussion

- Vlado: I think I'll convert the spec to confluence, since I can't read the images in viewdoc, and it'll be easier to discuss.

h2. SILK Gap Analysis

- Compare SILK features to spec requirements
- Try out SILK on Smithsonian data and compare to USC results

h2. Asymmetric Matching

Idea for extra functionality: ability to map a smaller local thesaurus to a large remote thesaurus (eg VIAF) by invoking a search API.
Rationale: sometimes a user may not be able to load the large thesaurus locally, either because of size or licensing (eg Getty ULAN)
Difficulty: it's a completely different data matching problem; you rely on the remote API to provide resaonable matches

h1. Person-institution matching

h2. VIAF