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Pre-class materials can be found at:

* "*\\ontonas\all-onto\training\Designing Semantic Technology PoC\Pre-class videos materials*" for videos, lecture slides and video narrative
* "*\\ontonas\all-onto\training\Designing Semantic Technology PoC\SPARQL Exercises*" for SPARQL exercises, dataset and sample solutions

Live session materials can be found at "*\\ontonas\all-onto\training\Designing Semantic Technology PoC\Live session materials*". Those include session narrative, datasets used, ontorefine commands used, SPARQL queries ran. A README.txt describes the necessary files and input parameters for each repository / workflow example.

Recordings of the two live sessions held on 2016/12/13 can be found at "*\\ontonas\all-onto\training\Designing Semantic Technology PoC\Live session materials\20161213 sessions recordings*".