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{excerpt}from AdLib collection management software, with additions by RKD{excerpt}

h1. Introduction
Important attachments and links:
- [Rembrandt]: description of this project
- [^]: XMLs of all 11 Rembrandt paintings
- [^]: JPG images of all paintings (323 of which 45% are missing), see [Documentation, Files, Images#Number of Images]
- [\\ontonas\all-onto\Projects\ResearchSpace\data\Rembrandt-data\images\]: 18 TIFs (deep-zoom pyramid images) for Susanna, 1.2 Gb
- [Rembrandt XML]: issues and problems with the XML, description of new XML (not for RS3.1)
- [Rembrandt thesauri]: thesauri used by the data

- see [Rembrandt] for a description of this project
- We got sample XMLs (a record list, 2 individual records about 2 paintings)
- We got XMLs for 11 paintings
- tags are in Dutch but there are English comments; Excel can translate automatically
- <object_number_RKDtechnical> includes English versions for many of the Dutch fields; and most of the values it adds are bilingual

h2. Data Sources

- website: [] []
- painting list (there are 12): [] []
- one painting: [] []
- click on "Debug tools: Adlib XML" at the very top and you get the XML. Examples:
- it uses the AdLib API to get the data from a URL like this:
"Grouped" is important! Examples:
-- [de-badende-suzanna|] [de-badende-suzanna|]
-- [portret-van-herman-doomer|] [portret-van-herman-doomer|]

h2. Database Schemas
#- It is formed as a concatenation of:
{code}imageServer/@url "?" imageServer/@filesPath file.image "&HEI=" Height "&CVT=" Format{code}
{noformat}imageServer/@url "?FIF=" imageServer/@filesPath file.image "&HEI=" Height "&CVT=" Format{noformat}
where Height and Format are the desired thumbnail size and file format (note that IIP converts TIF to JPEG)
# (/) Regarding the xrays and other research images (eg <file.image>= mh0147_front_nl_2002_001.tif): are they available in IIP?
#- Wietske: I think the priority is first with the thesauri and the other data, but we could also provide you with sample images concerning the database records that we have send you

h2. Sample Records

Exports of a representative set of records from both RKDimages and RKDtechnical.

The Susanna .xml file that has been received&nbsp; earlier was based on a test version of the Rembrandt Database website and this record contains a lot of "fake" data and is not totally complete.
Therefore&nbsp; now (04.11.2011) RKD has sent more up to date records from RKDimages and RKDtechnical:
* 10 sample records from RKDimages (in three different exports). The .csv file gives you the quickest overview, but it can probably not be used, because a lot of fields have more than one value, and this you do not see in the .csv file. The .xml file will demonstrate this. (see [Rembrandt XML^10 Objects RKDimages (Dutch).dat], [Rembrandt XML^10 Objects RKDimages (Dutch).xml], [^10 Objects RKDimages (Dutch).csv])
* 1 sample record from one of the 10 objects from RKDtechnical. We will not present the data from this record (and in due time this record will be replaced completely by the object record in RKDimages). However, you need it to be able to see how the object ID in RKDtechnical matches the object ID in RKDimages. ( see [^2927 Objectrecord RKDtechnical.dat], [^2927 Objectrecord RKDtechnical.xml], [^2927 Objectrecord RKDtechnical.csv])
* 1 "research record" related to this object from RKDtechnical. (see [Rembrandt XML^2927 Researchrecord RKDtechnical 5000623.csv], [^2927 Researchrecord RKDtechnical 5000623.dat], [^2927 Researchrecord RKDtechnical 5000623.xml])
* a set of "documentation records" related to this research from RKDtechnical (see [Rembrandt XML^2972 Documentationrecords linked to 5000623.dat], [^2972 Documentationrecords linked to 5000623.csv], [^2972 Documentationrecords linked to 5000623.xml])

In fact, all these records are linked to each other:
In the documentation records you will find references to the research record ID (called "priref" in RKD system); in the research record you will find the reference to the object record ID in RKDtechnical; and in the object record in RKDtechnical (which RKD will not use) you will find the reference to the object record ID in RKDimages.

h2. RKD Thesauri

The page is moved here: [ResearchSpace:Rembrandt thesauri]/ []

h2. Specific Field Questions