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* custom mapping of RDF types to Solr types;

Each feature is described in detail below.

h1. Usage

h3. Third-party component versions

This version of the Solr GraphDB Connector uses Solr version 4.10.4.

h2. Creating a connector instance

The mapping can be overridden through the property "datatype", which can be specified per field. The value of "datatype" can be any of the xsd: types supported by the automatic mapping or a native Solr type prefixed by native:, e.g., both xsd:long and native:tlongs map to the tlongs type in Solr.

h3. Copy fields

| _sort_firstName | produced, if the option "sort" was true; used implicitly for ordering connector results |

The current version always produces a single Solr field per field definition in the configuration. This means that you have to create all appropriate fields based on your needs. See more under [#Creation [#List of creation parameters].