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* all new entities are kept in memory - not recommended for large transactions (> 100M statements) to prevent {{{*}OutOfMemoryErrors{*}}}
* good for large number of small transactions
* mandatory in recommended for cluster environment - ensures entity IDs consistency between worker nodes
* mandatory when used with Solr and Elascticsearch connectors
* should be used with [Solr|Solr GraphDB Connector#Prerequisites] and [Elascticsearch|Elasticsearch GraphDB Connector#Prerequisites] connectors.

h5. transactional

* the recommended for the current version of GraphDB transactional implementation. Currently it is {{{*}transactional-simple{*}}}. May change in future versions.

h1. Configuration

The entity pool implementation can be selected by the {{{*}entity-pool-implementation{*}}} config parameter or the {{*\-D{*}}} command line parameter with the same name.

|| Parameter || Value || Note ||
| {{entity-pool-implementation}} | {{classic}} (default) | default |
| | {{transactional-simple}} |
| | {{transactional}} | The recommended transactional implementation in the current version of GraphDB. \\
For 6.2 it is {{{*}transactional-simple{*}}}. May change in future versions |