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Starting from version 6, GraphDB now includes three separate products with their own version numbers: GraphDB Engine, GraphDB Workbench and GraphDB Connectors (this was an experimental feature in 6.0 and 6.1). New features and significant bug-fixes/updates for the last few releases are recorded here. Each product's component's full version numbers are is given as:


e.g. 5.3.5928 where the major number is 5, the minor number is 3 and the build number is 5928.
The integrated releases have their own version, e.g. 6.0-RC1. 6.2.0, 6.2.1 and so on.

Releases with the same major and minor version numbers do not contain any new features. The only difference is that releases with later build numbers contain fixes for bugs discovered since the previous release. New or significantly changed features are released with a higher major or minor version number.

h1. GraphDB 6.2.02

* bugfixes
* Storage tool enhancements

h5. GraphDB Engine [Component version: 6.2.2]


* OWLIM-2151 Storage tool discovers wrong page size in the page index and storage files
* OWLIM-2199 Storage tool index consistency check - groups statements by flags and compares counts for each index

* OWLIM-2082 Inconsistencies in GraphDB collection identified by the StorageTool

h5. GraphDB Workbench [Component version: 6.5.1]

* no changes

h5. Connectors [Component version: 4.0.1]

* no changes

h1. GraphDB 6.2.1


* New Transactional Entity Pool
* Connectors - major imrovements and new features
* Parallel Reasoning in LoadRDF
* Workbench - new Import, Export and Repository views
* The Lucene connector is now included in GraphDB SE

h5. GraphDB Engine [Component version: 6.2.b9b0f111] 6.2.1]

* OWLIM-1682 Redesign the Entity pool so that it becomes transactional.
A new [transactional entity pool|GraphDB62:GraphDB pool|GraphDB-SE Entity Pool] has been created. This allows the Connectors to be run in cluster mode.

* OWLIM-1810 Parallel inference
The [LoadRDF tool|GraphDB62:GraphDB-SE LoadRDF tool] now supports parallel (multithreaded) reasoning mode. The improvement of the loading speed is between 50% 25% and 4100%, measured on Wordnet and SPB-64m and Wordnet datasets, respectively.

Miscellaneous & bug fixes:
* LoadRDF uses lock-free data structure for faster multithreaded inference
* LoadRDF - the reverse cache option was removed
* GRAP-4 A fix for anomalous query behaviour
* OWLIM-2069 Fixed minor memory leak (which was present in OWLIM 5.4 as well)
* OWLIM-2086 Fix: The vars of the PluginPattern were not cloned (this potentially leads to a wrong result)
* OWLIM-2177 Fix: Inconsistency checks abort the transaction but the statements are still there on further transactions

h5. GraphDB Workbench [Component version: 6.5.1]

h5. GraphDB Workbench [Component version: 6.5.0]

* OWLIM-2021 New Import View
-- the import is now async and keeps the state between restarts, etc
*- the import is now asynchronous and keeps the state between restarts
-- *- there are two new ways to import a file - from a text area and from a data url URL
-- *- native support for chunking + retry for each import
-- *- REST endpoints for everything which can be reused by clients
-- *- much better UI

* OWLIM-2009 Create a new overhauled repository view based on angular Angular JS with better user experience
-- *- rethink the structure of the page so the active location is moved at the top along with the repositories
-- *- create a restful RESTful API that will allow client to do locations management through restful RESTful endpoints
-- *- lazy initialization for repositories

* OWLIM-2022 Create a new export view based on angular Angular JS
-- *- Exporting the whole repository should be much more explicit now
-- *- The export view now only uses the sSesame endpoints

* OWLIM-2087 Don't first upload the file and then import it but send the input stream directly to sesame
* OWLIM-2087 The import operation now sends the input stream directly to Sesame (instead of uploading a temp file first)
* OWLIM-2089 Initialize the repositories as lazily as possible
* OWLIM-1643 Fixed: First load of workbench interface is too slow in tomcat

Overall changes:

* Removed the same as from the SPARQL view because it was leading to major bugs
* ~/.owlim-workbench is changed to ~/.graphdb-workbench so previous state in the workbench will be lost
* \~/.owlim-workbench is changed to \~/.graphdb-workbench so previous state in the workbench will be lost. There are changes to the contents of this folder, so a simple copy/rename of the old folder won't work.

* OWLIM-2146 Fix the label in add repository view to represent the parameters that were mentioned in the documentation
* OWLIM-2139 Workbench locks when trying to connect to location which is not currently available
* OWLIM-2137 The JMX connection and sSesame discovery don't work on AWS
* OWLIM-2120 JMX is not auto-configured properly when we do same container sesame autodiscovery Sesame auto-discovery
* OWLIM-2119 Copying/sharing the current query doesn't work properly
* OWLIM-2016 Unable to remove\/edit query samples from FireFox
* OWLIM-2005 Unicode text gets scrambled in SPARQL query window of GraphDB Workbench
* OWLIM-1999 Selecting a local location with repositories for another edition makes the UI unusable
* OWLIM-1997 The user should be able to change the password if there is not repository selected
* OWLIM-1975 Cluster view is not available in the menus
* OWLIM-1973 Unable to setup cluster with file location
* OWLIM-1958 Vertical scroll bar is over Save and Copy in the sparql view
* OWLIM-1930 Creating a master repository shouldn't result in an exception view but we should just show the repository as a non write repo
* OWLIM-1913 Workbench doesn't shutdown the repository manager on tTomcat shutdown
* OWLIM-1909 Workbench does not report error properly when it cannot load repository from a remote endpoint
* OWLIM-1877 Deleting a repository that is in the currently selected remote location through another place results in inconsistent state
* OWLIM-1819 Import doesn't support BinaryRDF (.brf)
* OWLIM-1785 Unable to get system info if there isn't location selected
* OWLIM-1764 Repository size is \-1 and the reason is not available
* OWLIM-1782 Properly start the workbench if the directory for the location from the last time is missing and cannot be created
* OWLIM-1759 Error message appears when deleting a master repository
* OWLIM-1647 When the name of the repository is big enough the icons go on the next line and I cannot click them be clicked

h5. Connectors [Component version: 4.0.01]

* Solr and Elasticsearch now work in a cluster (EE edition only)
* Full support for matching literal languages
* More control over how data is mapped:
-- *- field options more closely reflect the options in Lucene/Solr/Elasticsearch
-- *- control over how RDF literals are mapped to Lucene/Solr/Elasticsearch types
* Support for many more types of faceting and aggregations in Solr and Elasticsearch, e.g. ranges and histograms
* Improvements and extensions to the entity filter

h1. GraphDB 6.1-SP3

This Service Pack 3 build addresses some reported problems with 6.1

* Fixed a problem where queries containing UNION and BIND were under certain circumstances returning incorrect results
* New merge command for the storage tool
* OWLIM-1932 Count from graph [] does not work for describe queries
* OWLIM-1934 Removed some old and unwanted namespaces that were included by default
* OWLIM-1928 Added reversed numeric and date literal indices for better performance

h5. GraphDB Workbench 6.4.1

- See all the release notes here: []

h1. GraphDB 6.1-SP1

This Service Pack 1 build addresses consistency issue with the GraphDB Storage.

h2. GraphDB 6.1.8410

- fixed: [owlim-1853|owlim-1853] LoadRDF under Windows sometimes does not include statements in the PSO index and the indexes are incosistent;
- Added a check/warning to see if there is enough memory for the entity pool when it gets restored from persistence (-Xmx - cache-memory should be >= entity pool size * 1.25, i.e. 25% overhead is left for the datatype index and other in-memory structures included in the entity pool and for other purposes, e.g. for running queries).

h2. GraphDB Workbench 6.3.2

- See all the release notes here: []

- *Much faster write transactions* for small insert/update/delete operations on large repositories. Results on LDBC [Semantic Publishing Benchmark|] (SPB) at 50M went up from 32 read and 12 write queries per second in ver. 6.0 to 40 reads/s and 31 writes/s in ver. 6.1. The improvement gets even more visible and SPB at 1B scale: from 10 reads/s and 2 writes/s in ver. 6.0 to 11 reads/s and 10 writes/s in ver. 6.1. In summary, GraphDB 6.1 is able to handle twice more updates at 50M scale and 5 times more updates at scale of 1 billion statements. This way GraphDB 6.1 is already capable to deal with true Dynamic Semantic Publishing scenario, like the one of [BBC|], at a scale of 1 billion statements and higher.
See more: []

- *Improved load capabilities for large new datasets in live databases* instances. Scenario description: there is a production cluster with average load - running LDBC-50m (SPB) with 4 reading threads (doing select queries) and 1 writing thread (doing update queries). We need to add a large dataset (e.g. DBPedia) with hundreds of millions statements -- as fast as possible, but without disrupting the overall cluster speed too much (not introducing write latency of more than 1-2s). The data set doesn't need inference, so it is loaded with the empty rule set.

h1. GraphDB version 6.0-RC6

This is an integrated release that includes:
- GraphDB Engine 6.0.8210

h2. GraphDB Engine 6.0.8120

- Fixed Lucene plugin to support Custom Analyzers/Scorers (this was broken on 6.0 releases due to plugin classloader not loading jars from the plugin directory)
- [OWLIM-1730|OWLIM-1730] fixed handling of a failed initialisation within LiteralsPlugin
- [OWLIM-1712|OWLIM-1712] Query Optimizer does not apply 'strong' equality within FILTER when bot variables are used as subject of some statement patterns
- OWLIM-1615: Fixed how running queries are handled on shutdown

h2. GraphDB Workbench
- the full list of changes in the latest version is available in this page: [GraphDB6:GraphDB-Workbench Release Notes]

- the full list of changes in the latest version is available in this page: [GraphDB-Workbench Release Notes|GraphDB6:GraphDB-Workbench Release Notes]

h1. GraphDB version 6.0-RC5

This is an integrated release that includes:
- GraphDB Engine 6.0.8070

h2. GraphDB Engine 6.0.8070

h3. Major changes:

- Query monitoring via JMX - the full text of the query is now visible
- Fixes for the Constraint Violation support & multiple rulesets
- Faster update speeds
-- Now using GraphDB Custom NTriples/NQuads parser by default (so NTriples, NQuad formats are parsed faster than other formats)
-- when a transaction is using the *empty* ruleset, the commit can added to all indexes in parallel. In order to use this experiment feature, add the special system statement: _:b <> _:b \_:b <[]> \_:b in the beginning of the transacton. This makes sense for larger transactions (10K statements and above).

h3. Full list of changes:

- OWLIM-1628 Added a fix of the issue of not being able to explore a ruleset when the empty ruleset was set initially.
- OWLIM-1626 RepositoryException in Worker is not thrown by the Master
- OWLIM-1572 Query Monitoring - show query text instead of query id
- OWLIM-1559 Fixed property path bug when same property paths are repeated in the query
- F-320 JMX: NumberOfExplicitTriples and NumberOfTriples shows \-1 even though data has been written to the triple store
- OWLIM-1563 Fixed the issue with custom ruleset + disable-sameAs=true.
- OWLIM-1559 Implemented a shortcut in the MINUS operator which allows for faster calculation when the MINUS is over two subqueries with one triple pattern (which may have filters).

h2. GraphDB Workbench
- the full list of changes in the latest version is available in this page: [GraphDB6:GraphDB-Workbench Release Notes]

- the full list of changes in the latest version is available in this page: [GraphDB-Workbench Release Notes|GraphDB6:GraphDB-Workbench Release Notes]

h2. GraphDB Connectors (experimental)

- the full list of changes in the latest version is available in this page: [GraphDB6:GraphDB Connectors Release notes]

h1. GraphDB version 6.0-RC4

This is an integrated release that includes:
- GraphDB Engine 6.0.7914

h1. GraphDB version 6.0-RC3 (build 7914)

h2. Fixes:

* The plugins were moved to <webapps>/openrdf-sesame/WEB-INF/classes/plugins
* Running GraphDB under embedded Tomcat failed with NPE (because of non existing webapps/ folder)

h2. Improvements:

* Added mini LDBC Semantic Publishing Benchmark ([]) into benchmark/ldbc-spb folder in the distribution
* The plugins are now in <webapps>/openrdf-sesame/plugins folder. Lucene plugin is enabled by default. This could be overwritten by the
\-Dregister-external-plugins option
* Minor rearrangement of the files in the main distribution folder (all .pie files are put into rules/ subfolder, the scripts into scripts/ subfolder)

h2. Fixes:

* Fixed issue with the default/evaluation license
* Fixed issue with the LoadRDF tool

h2. Version 6.0 (build 7784)

* Faster writes in SAFE Mode (OWLIM 5.5 improvement which lead to incompatible binary formats between 5.4 and 5.5+)
* LoadRDF tool for faster bulk loading of data; speeds \~100KSt/s and above, without inference
* Explain Plan like functionality
* LVM-based Backup and Replication

h2. Fixes:

* Databases created with one setting of the "entity-id-size" parameter (32 vs 40-bit) and opened with another setting, would crash in versions prior to 6.0. Now an exception is thrown and the repository is not initialized.