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and the remote process should be started to allow remote JMX connections. Something like hte the following should work
{code}<port> -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=<ip-address>
h3. Impex method

The impex method allows you to load files with arbitrary size. It has the limitation that the files must be put(symbolic links are supported) in a specific directory(by default \*${user.home}/owlim-impex*. {{*$\{user.home\}/owlim-impex/*}}. Look at the *impex.dir* system parameter if you want to tweak the directory location. The directory will be scanned recursively and all files with semantic mime type will be visible in the impex tab.

h1. Executing queries
h3. Exporting query results

SPARQL query results can be exported to JSON, XML, CSV, or TSV from the query results page: