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This guide forms the introduction to the set of GraphDB user documentation. GraphDB is Ontotext's database system for storing, processing and querying structured data formatted according to the [Resource Description Framework (RDF)|]. It is packaged as a Storage and Inference Layer (SAIL) for the [Sesame|] RDF framework. If you need a quick overview of GraphDB or a download link to its latest releases, please visit GraphDB [product page|]. page|].
Among structured data repositories, GraphDB is the world leader for its unsurpassed processing capacity, both in terms of volume of data and loading/inference speed on commodity hardware.
This guide provides the reader with a conceptual overview of GraphDB -- with some general information about its structure and functioning -- as well as an overview of how to install the system.
In addition, a large part of the document gives a general introduction to semantic concepts and technologies, which provides the inexperienced reader with sufficient background to understand the role of OWLIM GraphDB and the problems it solves.

h1. How to Use This Document

The [background knowledge|OWLIMv40:Primer knowledge|GraphDB6:Primer Background Knowledge] section is optional depending on the reader's familiarity with Semantic Web concepts. For readers unfamiliar with this subject, it is recommended to read this entire section first and preferably check as many of the references as time permits. Readers who have some understanding, should read this section selectively, skipping over content that is already familiar. Experts in this field can skip the entire section.
The [introduction to GraphDB|OWLIMv40:Primer GraphDB|GraphDB6:Primer Introduction to OWLIM] GraphDB] is essential reading and should be read sequentially from beginning to end without skipping any topics. This knowledge is required before using GraphDB.

h1. Conventions

GraphDB uses Sesame as a library, taking advantage of its APIs for storage and querying, as well as the support for a wide variety of query languages (e.g. SPARQL and SeRQL) and RDF syntaxes (e.g. RDF/XML, N3, Turtle).
The development of GraphDB is partly supported by [SEKT|], [TAO|], TAO, [TripCom|], [LarKC|], and other [FP6|] and [FP7|] European research [projects|]. [projects|].
This document and the products discussed in it are copyrighted and subject to licensing as follows:
* *GraphDB-Lite, © Copyright Ontotext AD.* 135 Tsarigradsko Shosse, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria, [].
* All other trademarks mentioned in this document, belong to their respective owners.

Full licensing information is available at [|],, as well as in the licencse files located in the main folder of the distribution package.