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A rule-set file has three sections named *Prefices*, *Axioms*, and *Rules*. All sections are mandatory and must appear sequentially in this order. Comments are allowed anywhere and follow the Java convention, i.e. "/\* ... \*/" for block comments and "//" for end of line comments.

For historic reasons, the way in which terms (variables, URLs and literals) are written differs from Turtle and SPARQL:
- URLs in Prefices are written without angle brackets
- variables are written *without* ? or $ and can include multiple alphanumeric chars
- URLs are written in brackets, no matter if they are use prefix or are spelt in full
- datatype URLs are written *without* brackets, eg
{noformat}a <owl:maxQualifiedCardinality> "1"^^xsd:nonNegativeInteger{noformat}

See the examples below. Please be careful when writing terms. If you make a mistake, OWLIM will fail to start. You can see the syntax error in the error log, which can be viewed e.g. with Sesame at [http://<server>/openrdf-sesame/system/logging/overview.view]

h3. Prefices