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The key features of GraphDB-Enterprise can be summarised as follows:
* *Scale-out concurrent query processing* allows query throughput to be scaled proportionally with the number of cluster nodes;
* *Resilience in the event of hardware/software failure* means that the cluster remains fully functional in the event of a failure of any node;
* *Automated fail-over and load-balancing* keeps the cluster fully utilised at all times;
* *Dynamic configuration and automatic synchronisation* allows nodes to be added or removed at any time;
h1. Credits

GraphDB-Enterprise uses Sesame as a library, taking advantage of its APIs for storage and querying, as well as the support for a wide variety of query languages (e.g. SPARQL and SeRQL) and RDF syntaxes (e.g. RDF/XML, N3, Turtle). The development of GraphDB-Enterprise is partly supported by [SEKT|], [TAO|], TAO, [TripCom|], [LarKC|], and other [FP6|] and [FP7|] European research [projects|].