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*Explicit statements:* Statements that have been inserted by the the user in to a database, using SPARQL Update, the Sesame API or the 'imports' configuration parameter are flagged as being 'explicit'. Explicit statements can exist in the database's default graph and named graphs.

*Implicit statements:* Statements that have been created as a result of inference (by either [OWLIM-SE Reasoner#Axioms] or [OWLIM-SE Reasoner#Rules]) are flagged as being implicit and are stored ONLY in the database's default graph.

Therefore, the database's default graph can contain a mixture of explicit and implicit statements. The Sesame API provides a flag called 'includeInferred' that can help in some situations. This flag is passed to several API methods and when set to false will cause only explicit statements to be iterated or returned. When this flag is set to true, then both explicit and implicit statements are iterated or returned.