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h1. Rule-Based Inference

{info}The forward chaining part of the algorithm terminates as soon as it detects that a statement is read only, because if it cannot be deleted there is no need to look for statements derived from it. For this reason, performance can be greatly improved when all schema statements are made read-only by importing ontologies (and OWL/RDFS vocabularies) using the {{imports}} repository parameter.

h3. Schema update transactions

{note}Note that all rule-sets do not support data-type reasoning, which is the main reason that OWL-Horst is not the same as {{pD\*}}. The rule-set to be used for a specific repository is defined through the *ruleset* parameter. There are optimized versions of all rule-sets that avoid some little used inferences.

h2. OWL2 QL non-conformance

*<any> <rdfs:range> <rdf:Property>* \\
*<owl:sameAs> <rdf:type> <owl:SymmetricProperty>* \\
*<owl:sameAs> <rdf:type> <owl:TransitiveProperty>* | <owl:TransitiveProperty>*\\
*<rdf:type>* *<rdfs:range>&nbsp;**<rdfs:Class>*\\ |
| Remove rule conclusions | *<any> <any> <rdfs:Resource>* |
| Remove rule constraints | *\[Constraint <variable> \!= <rdfs:Resource>\]* |