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- IMPROVEMENT: Update speed of small transactions increased on large (500m) datasets. The speed gain is 2x-6x. The impact on smaller datasets is between 50-100% (LDBC-50m). The indexes use different format, which is not backward compatible with OWLIM-5.4, but automatic conversion takes place, when an old image is opened with 5.5. \[W-25\]
- IMPROVEMENT: Improved aggregation speed in some specific cases, e.g. SELECT COUNT queries without filters.
- IMPROVEMENT: Further optimizations in the "optimized rulesets" - rdfs-optimized, owl-horst-optimized, etc. As described [here|OWLIMv54:OWLIM-SE [in the documentation|OWLIMv54:OWLIM-SE Reasoner#OWLIM-SEReasoner-PerformanceOptimizationsinRDFSandOWLSupport], the optimized rule-sets avoid some features in RDFS and OWL specification that result in fairly inefficient inference, without adding value for a wide range of applications. The "optimizations" were further developed in 5.5, by removing the rdfs:range axiom for rdf:type predicate. Tests show \~25% improvement of the update speed on LDBC-50m.
- IMPROVEMENT: When the schema (ontology) is dropped and then re-added, Owlim performs very slow. Also improved the speed of delete when many rdf:type statements are being deleted. \[OWLIM-1435\]
- IMPROVEMENT: Before 5.5 in many cases, when the schema (ontology) is updated, OWLIM performs very slow. Opitimizations were implemented to resolve this problem; those also resulted in improved the speed of deletion when many rdf:type statements are being deleted. \[OWLIM-1435\]
- FIX: "Connection reset" in cluster causes Worker nodes to be OUT-OF-SYNC \[B-98\]
- FIX: Surrounding FILTER clause with braces changes the result of query \[W-26\]