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crm:P82b_end_of_the_end "1713"^^xsd:gYear
Emmanuelle: shouldn't it be crm:P82b_end_of_the_begin "1713"^^xsd:gYear rather?
- Damien Hirst, born 1965 in []
Skip all of these altogether:
See [BM Association Mapping v2#Probably/Unlikely Produced By]
- (?) What other lido:attributionQualifierActor have you got?
- (+)  Emmanuelle: these are YCBA attribution qualifiers (also documented in [\|../../../../../../../../../../display/ResearchSpace/Meta-Thesaurus+and+FR+Names|] as [|]): Attributed in [|../../../../../../../../../../display/ResearchSpace/Meta-Thesaurus+and+FR+Names\||] as [|]): Attributed to, Formerly, Formerly attributed to, After, Follower of, Imitator of, Style of, Circle of, Studio of, Workshop of

h3. Production Qualification
(+)  Emmanuelle: I beg to differ.  In this case what is implied for Alfred Palmer when his name is prefaced with 'completed by' is that we suspect that he etched and printed the plate.  This is a case where further research will precisely identify his role, which in turn will change his roles and qualifications.  Regardless of Alfred Palmer's role, however, it absolutely has to do with printing.  
\\ (?)  I have no objections against Reified Association but it seems given the (-)  before it that you/Vladimir already decided against it?
\\ (?)  Emmanuelle: I thought BM was using Qualifications as well?  Here a BM record with "Drawn by Elizabeth Emily Murray":  [|]

h2. Unknown Artist

- (-) Yale: PX_curatorial_comment needs date and author added to the data model
- {jira:RS-1926}
- Vlado: easy to tackle with EX_Association, which is is a subclass of E13_Attribute_Assignment (see [attribute_assignment@crmg] and [recorder@crmg]):