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This section contains reference material about the {excerpt}KIM platform APIs, libraries and services, how to customize KIM modules, and extend KIM IE capabilities.{excerpt}
| [!_Images for reuse^MC900432636.PNG|thumbnail,width=20,height=20!|Web Services and APIs] -[Web Services and APIs]- | -A directory of [Web Services and APIs] for developers- |
| [!_Images for reuse^MC900439407.JPG|thumbnail,height=22,width=20!|KIM Java RMI APIs] [KIM Java RMI APIs] | A directory of [KIM Java RMI APIs], [JavaDoc library|Java doc], and [code examples|KIM Java RMI Client Examples] for developers |
| [!_Images for reuse^cogs.png|thumbnail,width=24,height=24!|Implementing custom modules for KIM][Customizing KIM modules|Implementing custom modules for KIM]\\ | An tutorial how to replace some of the predefined [KIM server modules|Implementing custom modules for KIM] with their own algorithms and behavior. |