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{include:_Overview - populatеr}
There are three possible ways to load documents in KIM, depending on whether they are stored locally or come from RSS.

{include:_Populater installation and configuration}

||[GUI mode] | How to start the Populater in the graphical console |
||[Batch mode]| How to run the Populater in batch (console) mode|
||[As a service for Linux|As a service for Linux]| How to run the Populator as a service for Linux|
||[As a service for Windows|As a service for Windows] | How to run the Populator as a service for Windows|
||[Standalone installation (for Windows only)] | How to run the sandalone installation|
||[Configuration parameters] |How to setup the environment for the population process |
||[Logging configuration]|What is the logging routine of the Populater module |

{include:_Supported formats}

{include:_Document metadata}

{include:_Known issues}
1. KIM populater - you have a local corpus and you want to populate a KIM server with them.
2. RSS feeder - you start it and you manage it from KIM
3. Through APIs with your own code.