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- unlike Period, Time-Span has no subclasses. You can see where Period and Time-Span sit in the class hierarchy at [cidoc_class_hierarchy@crmg] (CRM Graphical)
- you can see all its properties at [E52_Time-Span@crm] (CRM Reference)

h1. Andronikos
Andronikos is a digital humanities web-portal closely associated with the STAR project that makes available CIDOC CRM and CRM-EH based semantic indices of the OASIS corpus that have been provided by the Archaeology Data Service. The portal provides a browsing and searching facility of semantic annoations, other pages make available Terminology (English Heritage Thesauri - Glossaries), XML -RDF conversion tools, corpus resources, evaluation results and relevant publications.

OASIS Corpus: OASIS is an umbrella project of the University of York that brings together a number of strategic partners of the Archaeology field such. The processed coprus of semantic annotations consists of 2460 documents including archaeology evaluation reports, excavation reports, watching briefs etc.
OASIS Grey Literature
- OASIS Metadata: Author submitted metadata
- Preprocess: Summary section, Table of Content, and Heading sections
- CRM (Named Entity Recognition): CIDOC CRM oriented entity metadata. E19.Physical Object, E49.Time Appellation, E53.Place and E57.Material
- CRM-EH (Events Recognition): CRM-EH oriented event metadata. EHE0007.Context, EHE0009.Context Find, EHE0030.Material, EHE1001.ContextEvent, EHE1002.ContextFindProductionEvent and EHE1004.ContextFindDepositionEvent