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| *Field* | *Paths* | *Notes* |
| ?Dataset | if (?E P50_has_current_keeper bm:the-british-museum or ?E P52_has_current_owner bm:the-british-museum) \\
then "BM" else "RKD" | Used to select RForm template.\\
For BM is defined according to [FR Implementation-old#FC70_Thing for RS|FR Implementation-old#FC70_Thing for RS].\\
For RKD is defined by exception, since the owners/keepers vary between The Metropolitan (New York), Rijksmuseum, National Gallery (London), Mauritshuis |
| ?Type | ?E bmo:PX_object_type ?Type or \\
?E rso:P2_has_object_type ?Type | Object type. Even it may be multi-valued |
| ?PrefID | ?E P48_has_preferred_identifier ?id. \\
{?id rdfs:label ?PrefID} UNION {?id P3_has_note ?PrefID} | Prepended to the title
{jira:RS-1362} |
| ?UID | ?E P1_is_identified_by ?uid1. ?uid1 P2_has_type rst-identifier:nuxeo_uid; P3_has_note ?UID. | Service property needed by current implementation. Single-valued |
| ?Title | ?E P102_has_title ?title1. ?title1 P2_has_type rst-note:title-primary; P3_has_note ?Title.\\
or {?E P102_has_title ?title1} LIMIT 1. ?title1 rdfs:label ?Title.\\
or ?E bmo:PX_physical_description ?Title | RKD has single title-primary.\\
BM doesn't have indication of primary title, so use the first one (eg using a subquery and LIMIT 1). Many objects (eg coins) don't have a title, so use PX_physical_description.\\
We shorten to 30 chars but leave the last word whole
{jira:RS-1362} |
| ?Material | ?E P45_consists_of ?material1. ?material1 skos:prefLabel ?Material | Material |
| ?Technique | ?E P108i_was_produced_by ?prod. ?prod P9_consists_of ?subprod. ?subprod P32_used_general_technique ?technique1. \\
?technique1 skos:prefLabel ?Technique | Technique |
| ?Creator | ?E P108i_was_produced_by ?prod. ?prod P9_consists_of ?subprod. ?subprod P14_carried_out_by ?creator1. \\
?creator1 skos:prefLabel ?Creator | Produced by |
| ?PlaceCreated | ?E P108i_was_produced_by ?prod. ?prod P9_consists_of ?subprod. ?subprod P7_took_place_at ?placeCreated1. \\
?placeCreated1 skos:prefLabel DISTINCT(?PlaceCreated) | Apply DISTINCT since the same place may be mentioned twice (2 different production processes) |
| ?PlaceFound | ?E P12_occurred_in_the_presence_of ?find. ?find a bmo:EX_Discovery. \\
?find P7_took_place_at ?placeFound1. ?placeFound1 skos:prefLabel ?PlaceFound | Place of Discovery (findspot) |
| ?Places | ?placeCreated1 P88i_forms_part_of ?place1 or ?placeFound1 P88i_forms_part_of ?place1. \\
?place1 skos:prefLabel DISTINCT(?Places) | All super-places of "place created" or "place found" + the places themselves. Used from Exhibit for faceted search. |
| ?DateCreated | ?E P108i_was_produced_by ?prod. {?prod P4_has_time-span ?dateCreated1} LIMIT 1.
| ?DateCreated | ?E P108i_was_produced_by ?prod. ?prod P9_consists_of ?subprod. {?subprod P4_has_time-span ?dateCreated1} LIMIT 1. \\
?dateCreated1 P82_at_some_time_within ?DateCreated | We take only the first ?prod with P4_has_time-span.\\
(!) This will often return 2 dates "from-to" (P82a and P82b), especially for BM objects.\\
TODO Jana: check if they are returned in the right order. \\
TODO Jana, Mitac: how to return them? I suggest separated with a dash |
| ?DateFound | ?E P12_occurred_in_the_presence_of ?find. ?find a bmo:EX_Discovery.\\
?find P4_has_time-span ?dateFound1. ?dateFound1 P82_at_some_time_within ?DateFound | (!) This will often return 2 dates (same questions as above) |
| ?Date | if ?DateCreated then ?DateCreated else ?DateFound | Used in Exhibit facet and timeline |
| ?Image | Use rso:FR_main_representation as defined in [FR Implementation#Thing-Image|FR Implementation#Thing-Image]
{jira:RS-1539} | Single value.
- RKD returns a Nuxeo GUID while BM returns an external URL. These 2 cases can be distinguished at the frontend
- ?img rso:P3_has_image_file is the filename, while P1_is_identified_by\[P2_has_type=nuxeo_uid\]/P3_has_note is a GUID needed to retrieve the image from Nuxeo |
| ?Images | Use rso:FR138i_representation as defined in [FR Implementation#Thing-Image|FR Implementation#Thing-Image]
{jira:RS-1539} | All images. This is *not* used in search results, but in CompleteMO view |

- for the ?Places field we use 2 different vars:
|| Var || SPARQL ||
| Place1 | ?E crm:P108i_was_produced_by ?prod. ?prod P9_consists_of ?subprod. ?subprod crm:P7_took_place_at ?placeCreated1. ?placeCreated1 crm:P88i_forms_part_of ?place1. ?place1 skos:prefLabel ?Places1. |
| Place2 | ?E crm:P12_occurred_in_the_presence_of ?find. ?find a bmo:EX_Discovery. ?placeFound1 crm:P88i_forms_part_of ?place1. ?place1 skos:prefLabel ?Places2. |
| Places3 | ?E crm:P108i_was_produced_by ?prod. ?prod P9_consists_of ?subprod. ?subprod crm:P7_took_place_at ?Places3. |
| Places4 | ?E crm:P12_occurred_in_the_presence_of ?find. ?find a bmo:EX_Discovery. ?find crm:P7_took_place_at ?Places4. |