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Assuming roughly 3 unique explicit statements to every 1 unique resources then total memory requires will vary from approximately 17 bytes per explicit statement (empty rule-set) to around 40 bytes per statement (expressive rule-sets). However, this will also vary depending on the 'geometry' of the input data and the amount of use of complex (OWL) language features.

The above figures give the memory footprint for storing statements. In order to be useful, an OWLIM-Lite instance needs more memory for maintaining these data structures, executing queries, loading and inferencing. A safe figure is to allow twice as much memory, i.e. the storage space of the statements + resources multiplied by 2. Therefore, for practical purposes OWLIM-Lite will need between 34 and 80\+ bytes per to index each statement. To this must be added the actual size of the sum total of unique URIs, blank nodes and literals.

h5. What is the maximum amount of data that can be stored in OWLIM-Lite?