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- Mitac makes changes to EntityAPI (hopefully not many will be needed)

A lot of these are changes marked +WILL+ (then +DID+) in [Rembrandt Mapping Review]. Some were investigated in [RS-323@jira]
Some were investigated in {jira:RS-323}

h2. Color Status
- get rid of rso:P46_has_main_part,
-- Keep rso:P46_has_other_part: needed by [properties.txt|#Update properties.txt].
-- We could compute this (as rso:P46_has_proper_part) from the standard property, then maybe use it to resolve the [FR BUG|FR Implemenatation|#BUG]:
x rso:P46_has_proper_part y := x crm:P46_is_composed_of y AND NOT (x rdf:type crm:E78_Collection)
h2. Update properties.txt

{jira:RS-92} uses a file of "business meaningful properties" to collect a complete Museum Object.
- {jira:RS-934}
RS-92 uses a file of "business meaningful properties" to collect a complete Museum Object. - Based on BM mapping and Rembrandt Changes, update this list

- BM data doesn't include E22_Museum_Object, so we need a different criterion.

The FR rules internally use rso:FC70_Thing. We define this criterion for searchability ([FR Implementation#FC70_Thing for RS|FR Implementation-old#FC70_Thing for RS]):
- rso:E22_Museum_Object, OR
- crm:E22_Man-Made_Object, and the current keeper or owner is the BM
{status:colour=Green|title=spec}{status:colour=Gray|title=diff}{status:colour=Gray|title=mig}{status:colour=Green|title=FR rules}

h2. Disentangle P2_has_type by introducing sub-properties
h2. Disentangle RKD types

When two thesauri are mapped to P2_has_type, selecting New value in data annotation doesn't work since it cannot determine which thesaurus to use. Therefore sub-properties should be introduced. P2_has_type can be used as-is only if the node has a *single* "type".
We replace P2_has_type with the following:
- Object:
-- rso:P2_has_object_type (rkd-object)
-- rso:P2_has_object_shape (rkd-shape)
- Image: ([RS-627@jira] "Cannot determine thesaurus for image type")
- Image: {jira:RS-627}
-- rso:P129_has_iconclass (rst-iconclass)
-- rso:P129_has_keyword (rkd-keywords)

h3. Disentangle BM Types
77 occurrences of P2_has_type in config.xml. (!) indicates conflict
||N||term: comments||
|22|thesauri/production/authoring..writing: production type|
| 1|thesauri/production/retail: activity type (?)|
| 2|thesauri/production/\{mus_object_production_person_association},
production probably/unlikely (!)|
|13|dimension/circumference currency curvature depth diameter die-axis height length percentage thickness volume weight width|
| 8|identifier: bigno cmcatno codexid grcatno otherid prn regno serialno|
| 6|thesauri/(x12541,x5827,x6411,x6596,x6622): part type (bell, case, dial...)|
| 5|find/\[CEF]: Discovery type|
| 4|acquisition/association/\{bm_acq_name_ass} (Acquired From, On Loan From, Acquired Through, Motivated By)|
| 3|thesauri/authority/\{bm_as_(name,place,authority)_ass}: production P17_was_motivated_by person,place,authority|
| 3|thesauri/association/(associatedwith,namedinscription): depicted/named place/person (P65_shows_visual_item/P138_represents)|
| 2|thesauri/association/\{bm_as_title_ass}: title type|
| 2|thesauri/production/AJ: production by Related Group (Circle)|
| 2|inscription/lettering type (IR, LE)|
| 1|modification/RP (repaired)|
| 1|aspect/\{mus_obj_parts} (E25_Man-Made_Feature)|
| 1|acquisition type (Treasure Trove)|
| 1|thesauri/\{mus_object_name_th_i}: object type (!)|
| 1|thesauri/\{bm_ware_th_i}: ware (!)|
| 1|thesauri/\{bm_escapement_th_i}: clock escapement (!)|

Josh, you need to introduce 3 subprops of P2_has_type for the last 3 thesauri, eg
bmo:PX_object_type, bmo:PX_ware, bmo:PX_escapement.
Else we'll have trouble displaying the object type (see next section):
if we fetch the superprop P2, we'll get not only BM type&ware&escapement, but also RKD type&shape (see prev section)

h3. Single-out Object Type

We display the object type (painting, coin, etc) as one of the display fields ([RS-690|RS-690]). fields: {jira:RS-690}.
For this reason it needs to be singled out amongst all other E55_Type's. How can we do that?
# We could leave it as the only field per node mapped to P2_has_type.
h2. Business-specific sub-properties

Maria {jira:RS-273}:
Maria [RS-273@jira]: we We planned initially that data in a record will be grouped into sections: Basics, Parts, Exhibitions, Auctions, Collections, etc.
But RForms cannot create different sections (lists) based on P2_has_type of a node: it can distinguish only based on relation.
- Make business-specific sub-properties

(x) BM thesauri: [RS-700@jira] {jira:RS-700}

h1. Diffs