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- Nuxeo Themes is implemented in WebEngine
- WebEngine is a lightweight framework, and comes empty: there's nothing in it. To switch from the current framework (JSF SEAM) to WebEngine means to give up all the functionality and reimplement in WebEngine
- There is a [Themes JSF|] [theme.jSF|] component that implements themes in JSF SEAM.
-- proof: Nuxeo 5.3 documentation [ "Styling the theme using the editor"|] shows Theme Editor working in something looking suspiciously similar to Nuxeo DM:
- SEAM and WebEngine can be mixed and used together (but not on the same page). In fact they are mixed in the default install: Nuxeo DM is written in SEAM, while the Theme Editor is written in WebEngine.
-- proof: [Themes Editor|] View META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
-- proof: [theme.editor|], View META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
Bundle-Name: NXThemes editor

- The theme editor is integrated within Nuxeo 5.5 and it works with the JSF/Seam UI.

- Unfortunately, it seems rather unstable and I could not create a new theme with it.
- The editor is a graphical tool for editing the theme xml file. We can edit the config XML manually to achieve a desired layout


h4. Customizing a theme
inside the section frame table.

See [jsf--views||]

As for the "tabs" - we add in theme-contrib.xml:

- [Theme doc|]
- [ui--shortcuts|] ( (Interesting\!)