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|| Parameter || Description || Default ||
| {{context}} | If not specified, statements loaded are given the context of the file URL from which the statements were loaded. If specified ({{context=URI}}), then all statements loaded are given this URI for the context. If an empty context is used ({{context=}}) then all statements loaded have no context (default graph) | <none> |
| {{config}} | Specifies the repository description file to use to create a repository. Configuration options specified in this file are explained in section&nbsp;8.5. following sections. This parameter is ignored if the {{url}} parameter is used. | ./owlim.ttl |
| {{flush}} | Indicates whether repository updates shiuld be flushed to disk after every commit | false |
| {{preload}} | Specifies the folder or file containing RDF data that is loaded automatically when the program starts. If the parameter value specifies a folder then it is searched recursively for all files that contain RDF data. | ./preload |
| {{queryfile}} | Specifies the file containing queries that are to be executed. The files can contain queries in any format supported by Sesame. | ./queries/sample.sparql |
| {{repository}} | The repository ID identifying the repository described in the configuration file specified by the {{config}} parameter. | owlim |
| {{repository}} | The repository ID, used in conjunction with the {{url}} parameter, to identify the repository on the remote Sesame server. | <none> |
| {{showresults}} | Specifies whether the results from queries will be displayed or not. | true |
| {{showstats}} | Indicates whether to show initialisation statistics after loading the selected data files | false |
| {{updates}} | Specifies whether the statement insertion and deletion step is performed. | false |
| {{url}} | Indicates whether to connect to the given remote repository URL - overrides {{config}} and {{repository}} parameters | <none> |
| {{url}} | Used in conjunction with the {{repository}} parameter, this URL specifies the remote Sesame server. This parameter overrides the {{config}} parameter. | <none> |

To run the program, use the {{example.cmd}} / {{example.sh}} script. This script requires that the {{JAVA_HOME}} environment variable has been set. Alternatively, it can be set directly by editing the {{setvars.cmd}} / {{setvars.sh}} script in the root folder of the OWLIM-SE software distribution. If the program is modified to use a custom rule set, then {{JAVA_HOME}} must point to the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of a Java Development Kit (JDK) version 1.6 or later. This is so that the new mechanism for locating the Java compiler can be used.