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# Store all inferred statements in the list L1;
# For each element in L1 check the following:

#* If the statement is purely implicit statement (a statement can be both explicit and implicit and if so then it is not considered purely implicit) then mark it as deleted (prevent it from being returned by the iterators) and check whether it is supported by other statements. The isSupported() method uses queries which contain the premises of the rules and the variables of the rules are preliminarily bound using the statement in question. That is to say the isSupported() method starts from the projection of the query and then checks whether the query will return results (at least one), i.e. this method performs backward chaining.
#* If a result is returned by any query (every rule is represented by a query) in isSupported() then this statement can be still derived from other statements in the repository, so it must not be deleted (its status is returned to 'inferred').
#* If all queries return no results then this statement can no longer be derived from any other statements, so its status remains 'deleted' and the number of statements counter is updated;
# L := L1 and GOTO 3.