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| image | <file.image> | file name | tif | Original TIFs are 50-200Mb in size. Download as JPG (smallest rendition), store and serve through Nuxeo (in popup window or as block element) |
| link | <file.application> | absolute link | pdf | Save the link, open in popup window |
| html excerpt | <file.application> | object embed | swf | Save the html excerpt, serve (in popup window or as block element). Uses ScribdViewer.swf to render, so the browser must support Flash. Eg [Documentation, Files, Images^Mh0146-Letter-1877-Hopman.htm] |

We can cross-check these are all the tags and file extensions: both these (bash) commands return nothing:
- Make full table of files, images, and status (MISSING or not)
{code}join -a 1 0images-files.txt 0images-missing.txt{code}
- Convert to excel ([Documentation, Files, Images^0images-files.xlsx]), add pivot chart (hint: add Status to both Legend Fields and Values\!)


- To check what the data migration has produced:
{code}perl -ne 'm{([Documentation, Files, Images^"]*?\.jpg)} and print qq{$1\n}' *.ttl | sort {code}

h2. Main Image