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| \\ | 06.DAUC06.R5-1 | | * The discussion name is created automatically, based on the following template; “New value <VALUE> for field <FIELD NAME>”. The user is allowed to change the discussion name. |
| \\ | 06.DAUC06.R5-2 | | * The discussion is automatically linked to the respective version record. |
| | 06.DAUC06.R5-3 | | * The discussion indicator next to the new value gets coloured in red |
| \\ | 06.DAUC06.R6 | RS3.2 \\ | If there are no discussions started on any of the APs then the Discussion tab is empty, but the user could open it and select Start New Discussion button. |
| | 06.DAUC06.R7 \\ | | For more details see [SNUC13: View/ Sort Discussions|]\\ |
| | | | The discussion indicator on AP increases (gets coloured in red for RS3.2) when:\\
\- a discussion is started for old value - for each new discussion started on the annotation point the indicator increases (or gets coloured in red if it has been grey before that fpr RS3.2) \\
\- a discussion is started for new value - this is valid both for newly proposed value on an old value or newly proposed value without existing old value (like new auction, new collection)&nbsp; - starting new discussion or commenting on existing discussion is mandatory when new value is proposed. In both cases the discussion indicator for the new value increases (or gets coloured in red for RS3.2) \\ |
| \\ | 06.DAUC06.R8 | RS3.2 | All discussions linked to an object record are accessible from the Object Record Details screen. |