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h1. Display Mockup


h2. Comments on mockup

# Outline for the main sections in the painting. All data is listed in the right frame. Most nodes will be collapsed. Each main section will correspond to several high level nodes (must be neighbours). When section on the left is clicked, nodes on the right will be expanded and user will be positioned on the first of them. In this example the section "Basic" is selected.
Vlado: another idea is for the main frame to include all text at all times, but only the selected section is expanded. This will help us produce a "printable view" that has all the info in one page.
# Sections on the left - we need to map them to a set of nodes. When user clicks a section, the said nodes should be expanded, all other nodes should be collapsed and user should be navigated to the first of the open nodes. This implies each section should contain sequential (neighbouring) nodes.
# Labels - we should have labels mapped to each node, literal and predicate. Eventually we should have a different mapping depending on the research type. We need to be able to fix painting's part to "support" and "frame" - maybe depending on the Type property?
{color:#ff6600}Vlado: Yes. Most of the time we won't print rdf:type (CRM Entity) since eg "crm:E22.Man-Made_Object" is useless to the art researcher. We'll print the type(s) crm:P2F.has_type, eg "painting".{color}
All labels *must* come from data or UI metadata.
# How do we handle multilingual values? When suggesting a new string value, users may or may not state language. Can they change language later?
{color:#ff6600}Vlado: No. The literal and its language are atomic in RDF, so he should give them at once.{color}
# Should we have DMS users migrated to OWLIM? That is, a discussion post should have an author and also these users may be used in search queries.
{color:#ff6600}Vlado: the current user is copied from DMS to RDF into "comment author". Should be copied as a string, to accommodate imported data about commenters who are *not* RS are{color} {color:#ff6600}{*}not{*}{color} {color:#ff6600}RS users (eg "Bredius, A." said in 1935 that Rembrandt is creator of Susanna).{color}
# {color:#000000}How do we handle collections?{color}
## {color:#000000}When user suggests a new element - let's say a new Auction in the Events list. Do we show the suggested record? This would contradict the show-only-original-value rule. But if it is not shown, then it cannot be edited (for example, suggest a start date for the suggested Auction){color}
## {color:#000000}When user suggests a certain element does not exist. For example, let's have a number of painters for a Painting - in different roles. What happens if user suggests a painter does not belong to Painting's authors at all?{color}