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{color:#008000}Permission can be managed at folder or even document level. There is 4 basic roles and each user can take on of those roles. Each role is linked with specific permissions but some permissions are connected and can not be managed separately.{color}
{color:#008000}Print action is custom and implemented for QVI{color}
{color:#008000}Optional and mandatory metadata is supported in Alfresco{color}
{color:#008000}Optional and mandatory metadata is supported in Alfresco. If we need to change metadata fields, this is done programatically.{color}
{color:#008000}Keywords supported by tags.{color}
{color:#008000}Version control is supported for content but not for metadata. Version comparison is not supported.{color}

{color:#3366ff}Metadata fields can be modified programatically, see{color} {color:#3366ff}[here|]{color}{color:#3366ff}. By default Nuxeo supports Dublin Core schema. Metadata can be optional and mandatory.{color}

h1. Data Annotation, Input Editing & Version Comparison

{color:#3366ff}Nuxeo DAM is a separate product but may be installed together with Nuxeo DMS and share same repository (docs and images). Nuxeo DAM relies on ImageMagick binaries for tiling/deep zoom - much like the way OpenOffice is used to handle MS Office documents (both in Alfresco and Nuxeo). Not sure this scales good enough. I think they also might be doing it (tiling) on the fly - but need to check this.{color} {color:#3366ff}{*}{+}Edit{+}{*}{color}{color:#3366ff}: See answers{color} {color:#3366ff}[here|]{color}{color:#3366ff}.{color}