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It seems clear that LIDO will have a bright future, since it takes into account several established formats and represents consensus between important institutions:
- [CDWA Lite (Getty)|] "is an XML schema for encoding core records for works of art and material culture based on the data elements and guidelines in CDWA and following the data content standard Cataloging Cultural Objects (CCO), provided by the Getty Trust and [RS Tools and Links#ARTstor]. [Framework Tools#ARTstor]. It is intended as a low-barrier way to enable institutions to contribute their collections information to union catalogs using OAI/PMH (Open Archives Initiatives Protocol for Metadata Harvesting)" (same protocol used by Europeana)
- [museumdat (German Museums Association)|] "is an XML Schema provided by the Documentation Committee of the German Museums Association, which builds largely upon CDWA Lite, but overcomes its specific focus on art mainly by a reconfiguration of the CDWA Lite elements that takes into account the event-oriented multi-disciplinary approach of CIDOC CRM