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h1. Metadata Standards

[Seeing Standards: A Visualization of the Metadata Universe|].
"Each of the 105 standards listed here is evaluated on its strength of application to defined categories in each of four axes: community, domain, function, and purpose. The strength of a standard in a given category is determined by a mixture of its adoption in that category, its design intent, and its overall appropriateness for use in that category.
- For every topic of interest, you could spend weeks researching the relevant standards.
- Includes:
-- Poster of visualization (36in x 108in): print it in color from Adobe Acrobat with these settings:
Orientation=landscape, Scaling=Tile large pages, Tile Scale=19%, Overlap=0.05in, No cut marks. This results in 2 pages that you can paste together. (Or try at 40% and paste 4 pages)
The left half is shown below
-- Metadata standard glossary, pamphlet form: 1 para description of each standard
-- Metadata standard glossary, poster form (36in x 41in): you need a very big printer (or very strong glasses ;-) ) to use this
- A bit old (2010, eg only mentions LIDO)
- (!) The major listed Cultural Heritage standard that we don't yet know about is *CCO*

h1. CRMdig

- Ontology for representing digitization processes, especially in archaeology, developed as part of 3D COFORM.
- included in the CRM conversion tool [], file 3D-COFORM_CRMdig_v2.5.rdfs