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Understanding the output:

- * ``?o {{?o rdfs:subPropertyOf ?o1`` ?o1}} has a lower collection size (20 instead of 43), so it will be executed first.

- * ``?o {{?o rdf:type ?o1`` ?o1}} has a bigger collection size (43 instead of 20), so it will be executed second (although it is written first in the original query).

- * The current complexity grows fast because it multiplies. In this case, you can expect to get 20 results from the first statement pattern and then you have to join them with the results from the second triple pattern, which results in the complexity of ``20 {{20 * 43 = 860``. 860}}.

- * Although the complexity for the whole group is 860, the estimated number of iterations for this group is 25.3.

h1. Wine queries

.. _explain-plan-wine-queries:

Wine queries

All of the following examples refer to our simple wine dataset (``wine.ttl``). The file is quite small, but here is some basic explanation about the data: