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GraphDB-SE is the commercial edition of GraphDB -- a high-performance semantic repository created by Ontotext. It is implemented in Java and packaged as a Storage and Inference Layer (SAIL) for the Sesame RDF framework. GraphDB-SE is a native RDF rule-entailment and storage engine. The supported semantics can be configured through rule-set definition and selection. Included are rule-sets for OWL-Horst \[25\], unconstrained RDFS \[11\] with OWL Lite \[14\] and the OWL2 profiles RL and QL \[30\]\[31\]. Custom rule-sets allow tuning for optimal performance and expressivity.
Reasoning and query evaluation are performed over a persistent storage layer. Loading, reasoning and query evaluation proceed extremely quickly even against huge ontologies and knowledge bases.
GraphDB-SE can manage billions of explicit statements on desktop hardware and can handle tens of billions of statements on commodity server hardware. According to public evaluation data, GraphDB-SE is the most scalable OWL repository currently available.