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h1. GraphDB 6.4.3


* bugfixes in the engine
* explain plan improvement (experimental)
* improved diagnostics and notifications in the cluster
* bug fixes in the Workbench

Component versions:
| 2.7.8 | 6.2.4 | 6.6.2 | 4.1.2 |

h5. GraphDB Engine

Features and improvements:

* OWLIM-2344 Additional JMX notifications in the master
* OWLIM-2398 Ignore n number of faults in the worker to make the status reporting stable
* OWLIM-2318 Show cluster status in the MBean
* OWLIM-2387 Improve the cluster statuses with replication source and target
* OWLIM-2172 Alternative explain plan accesible through onto:experimental-explain that produces much better results than the old explain plan
* OWLIM-2380 Explain plan support for CONSTRUCT, DESCRIBE and ASK queries


* OWLIM-2389 Master not reporting failed transaction to a client
* OWLIM-2383 Reordering PluginTriplePatterns introduces inconsistent query plans with duplicates
* OWLIM-2385 Failing the compile PIE file with error incompatible types required: java.lang.String found: boolean
* OWLIM-2395 Long FILTERs with more than 16 OR clauses are incorrectly optimized
* OWLIM-2346 Backup operation makes the cluster unresponsive
* OWLIM-2394 VALUES with single BindingSet before BIND is converted to Filter (as a result of optimization) but then disappears from the query after SubQuery.optimize()
* OWLIM-2378 rdfs:Resource resource appears from nowhere after a rulset change
* OWLIM-2374 JVM garbage collection shouldn't be initiated when cleaning old connections
* OWLIM-1532 Worker hasn’t recovered after clearing
* OWLIM-1576 Build the name of the ClusterInfo bean from the master repository name and not the current Thread name
* OWLIM-2370 Unable to delete statements from GraphDB
* OWLIM-2386 Exceptions on begin transaction are not handled properly
* OWLIM-2284 Exception when importing large files
* OWLIM-2367 The database engine shows incorrect repository size
* OWLIM-2376 Failing the compile PIE file with error incompatible types required: java.lang.String found: boolean
* OWLIM-2307 Negative number of Pending Writes showing in JMX properties of the master
* OWLIM-2238 NQuadsSimpleParser does not handle baseUri properly
* OWLIM-2399 Optimization for IN -> VALUES fails to recognize NOT IN operator

h5. GraphDB Workbench

Bug fixes:

* WB-105 Some errors on query execution not reported to user
* WB-635 Error reporting for unreachable locations
* WB-636 Access denied when trying to execute query
* WB-637 Unable to download results from System repository
* WB-639 Workbench cannot load settings from previous releases
* WB-671 No permission to execute SPARQL queries over SSL if security is enabled

h5. GraphDB Connectors

* No changes

h1. GraphDB 6.4.2