GraphDB-SE Release notes

Version 1 by evgeni.milev
on Jun 12, 2015 13:38.

compared with
Version 2 by Pavel Mihaylov
on Jul 02, 2015 18:14.

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h1. GraphDB 6.3.0


* bug fixes in the Connectors and the Workbench
* no changes in the engine

Component versions:
| 2.7.8 | 6.2.2 | 6.5.2 | 4.1.0 |

h5. GraphDB Engine 6.2.2

No changes. This is a release of GraphDB that includes changes only in the Workbench and the Connectors. If you use the Connectors or the Workbench we strongly recommend you to upgrade.

h5. GraphDB Workbench 6.5.2

* WB-198 Fix: Changing the password of the default admin user works only until tomcat is restarted
* WB-490 Fix: Adding a location that was autocompleted in the browser results in an error

h5. GraphDB Connectors 4.1.0

* STORE-165 New: Improved splitting for facet field values
* STORE-191 Fix: Lucene connector does not index xsd:dateTime properly
* STORE-192 Fix: Invalid values in typed literals are fatal but should rather be ignored (Lucene)
* STORE-193 Fix: Field sync option "facet" not interpreted correctly (Lucene)
* STORE-194 Fix: The field option "indexed" is not interpreted correctly
* STORE-197 Fix: Entity filter graph() not working correctly for statements in named graphs
* STORE-200 New: Upgrade Lucene to 4.10.4

h1. GraphDB 6.2.2

* Storage tool enhancements

h5. GraphDB Engine [Component version: 6.2.2] 6.2.2

* OWLIM-2082 Inconsistencies in GraphDB collection identified by the StorageTool

h5. GraphDB Workbench [Component version: 6.5.1] 6.5.1

* no changes

h5. Connectors [Component version: 4.0.1]
h5. GraphDB Connectors 4.0.1

* no changes
* The Lucene connector is now included in GraphDB SE

h5. GraphDB Engine [Component version: 6.2.1] 6.2.1

* OWLIM-2177 Fix: Inconsistency checks abort the transaction but the statements are still there on further transactions

h5. GraphDB Workbench [Component version: 6.5.1] 6.5.1

* OWLIM-1647 When the name of the repository is big enough the icons go on the next line and cannot be clicked

h5. Connectors [Component version: 4.0.1]
h5. GraphDB Connectors 4.0.1

* Solr and Elasticsearch now work in a cluster (EE edition only)