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* *SwiftOWLIM* has been renamed to *OWLIM-Lite* and is now distributed as a single jar file (previously it was split between SwiftOWLIM and SwiftTRREE). The new package is licensed free-for-use, which better fits the use and distribution model. *OWLIM-Lite* is the younger sibling of *OWLIM-SE (standard edition)*, the fully-featured, standalone semantic repository distributed under a commercial license.
* *Easy to deploy WAR files:* The distribution now includes {{openrdf-sesame}} and {{openrdf-workbench}} Web applications pre-configured with OWLIM and ready to deploy. This makes installing OWLIM as a server and creating/administrating OWLIM repositories trivially simple. The WAR files can be found in the {{sesame_owlim}} directory of the distribution ZIP file. See 'easy install' in the [installation section|GraphDB-Lite Installation Guide].
* *SPARQL 1.1 Query:* Ontotext has invested significant development resources in the [Sesame project|] in order bring SPARQL 1.1 support to Sesame and OWLIM. This release includes [SPARQL 1.1 Query|], but without federation support for the moment. [SPARQL 1.1 Update|] support will be included in the next release. The new features include:
** Aggregates