GraphDB-Workbench Release Notes

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* *OWLIM-1876* Workbench does not detect sesame server in the same tomcat server properly
* *OWLIM-1874* Inferred and explicit statement count are inverted in the popup for repository info
* *OWLIM-1826* Restarting the workbench doesn't activate the repository from last time because of NPE
* *OWLIM-1822* Disable Connectors manager when the SYSTEM repository is selected
* *OWLIM-1817* Unable to import files when security is enabled
* *OWLIM-1762* Worker's name appears in JMXConsole when switching local locations
* *OWLIM-1759* Error message appears when deleting a master repository
* *OWLIM-1734* Unable to list repository content if query optimization is disabled
* *OWLIM-1695* Line numbers in the error message for malformed queries don't match if there are missing prefixes

* *OWLIM-1828* Export view should support Turtle and N-Quads
* *OWLIM-1819* Import doesn't support BinaryRDF (.brf)
* *OWLIM-1802* Error message style for min/max values of index sizes
* *OWLIM-1737* Workbench doesn't work on Oracle's app server WebLogic 12c
* *OWLIM-1719* Expose the state of the repository in the repositories view
* *OWLIM-1701* Provide a button for adding all known prefixes to a sparql query