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## (optional) {{path2ignorewords}} \- the path to a plain text file containing words that should be ignored when filling the cache;
## (optional) {{path2rules}} \- the path to a groovy source code file containing rules for re-writing a label. The source must contain a workFlow method that returns a set of Strings. The groovy code is used for creating derivatives of a label. When a label is added to the cache, all its derivatives are added as well. For example, let's say you want to lookup the label "Obama, Barak" but in most articles the mention of the name is "Barak Obama". You can use a rule in the groovy code so when you pass "Obama, Barak" you get "Obama, Barak", "Barak Obama" and both labels are added to the cache for matching.
## {{queryFile}} \- URL of a file containing SPARQL queries that return a list of triplets - {{<URI instance, Literal label, URI type>}}. The SPARQL queries in the file are separated by {{@@@}}. They are executed one after another and the result of each is fed to the cache. If there is no file for deserialization in {{path2dic}}, the queries are executed on the SPARQL server defined in {{connectionString}}. SPARQL variables bound to elements of the triplets:
?concept <-> URI instance;