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{note}All request URLs in the document are relative to the application root. E.g. if the web application is deployed at [] and this document says to request {{/recommend/behavioural}}, the full URL would be [] {note}

Behavioural recommendations are based on user's profile. They combine knowledge on what the user is interested in with a set of configuration parameters that define weight for each factor.

{{Content-type}} of the request should be {{application/json}}. See [SWS:Advanced recommendation parameters] for more information

This would change weight of popularity to 0.2 (down from the default 0.9) and the result would be:


GET /recommend/behavioural/?key=<api_key>&userid=test-user-1&count=4&sort=rel&contentid=doc-garden-1

{{/recommend/behavioural}} has the following query parameters:
* *userid* (required) - the user to return recommendations for
* *contentid* (optional) - existing article identifier. If passed, recommendations will be computed with respect to this article and the user history
* *count* (optional, default = 10) - maximum number of articles to return
* *sort* (optional, default = rel) - sorting method, valid arguments are "pop"(popularity), "rel"(relevancy) and "date"