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# Deploy the {{extractor-web.war}} in Tomcat's {{webapps}} directory
# (Re-)start the Tomcat instance

(!) More information about all Worker configuration parameters can be found [here|CES Components#Worker]

h2. Adding a Worker node into the Coordinator

(!) Assumptions:

* the *coordinator* instance is located at {{http://coordinator.url:7070/coordinator}}
* the *worker* instance is located at {{http://worker.url:6060/worker}}
* the *worker* instance runs has a pipeline pool with size 2

Using a REST client, execute the following request to the *coordinator* instance ({{http://coordinator.url:7070}}):

POST /coordinator/workers
Content-type: application/json

[{"capacity":2, "url":"http://worker.url:6060/worker"}]

* {{capacity}} is the number of pipeline instances in the worker pool.
* {{url}} is the location of the worker instance.

(!) Instead of a REST client, one could use the Coordinator' Swagger Documentation endpoint, located at {{http://coordinator.url:7070/coordinator/apidocs}} and the specific *POST* or *PUT* requests.